How to be Hired

Around the world, people are struggling to find a job and yet it is very hard to find a job because of competition that exists. Imagine that you are an employer, and you have to hire applicants. Who do you think you would hire? In applying a job, you have to consider this question so that you know what to prepare, things that are necessary for the job application.

How to be hired?

Who are you and why are you in the hiring department?

You have to prepare a resume, CV. Now think what the content of the CV or resume the boss would like to see. How are the records and content presented? See this guide in constructing a good resume.

What Skills the Employer seeks?

Do you possess all the qualities that the employer seeks? Let’s say you are a graduate of an engineering course. Do you know the skills required for that job? How does the employer know that you have such skills? EXPERIENCE! Even if you graduate with honors, without experience, you will not be that person who will be hired.

What personality the boss would like from you in accordance with the desired job you want?

Appearance. I do not mean you have to handsome or beautiful, (though other employers consider good looking as a plus points). I mean you have to be presentable from head to toe. Grooming and facial expression!


Self-Confidence is the first thing that employers seek. Timidity is not the type of employers.

Honesty and sincerity. While applying, you must answer question with sincerity. If an employer instructs you to do something, you must follow it with all sincerity.

What questions will be thrown at you during  the interview?

You should be ready with the questions. It is advisable to research on the type of questions employers ask so that you could at least prepare sweet words. You can show your wit in words while answering. Supress your nervousness to avoid mental block.