Hardship and Success

The success I am talking about is attainment of career and profession. This age is the age when people are struggling with the earthly life since life is getting tougher and tougher day by day. Then how do we overcome this tough life? Each government is making a solution to solve the poverty and unemployment rate of the society.  However, how long will this problem be solved?

In any country, all countries are now suffering from financial provision but we cannot avoid that. The solution humankind is looking for is that they have to study diligently and graduate with a profession. After graduation, find a job and continue learning for promotion. This is how life goes on. Career Development actually does not end. It will only end when you retire from working.

Then what is there behind success?

Successful career requires tremendous sacrifice for those who are diligent. Hardship is always there whenever one pursues his or her dream.

Love and Perseverance. You must love what you doing because if you do not love it you will give up on it. Anyway, perseverance is the key to success. No matter how smart you are, without perseverance you cannot achieve what you want because failure and obstacles come across to all individuals regardless of level of intellect!

Lack of Sleep. Those who desire to fulfill their dream do not have enough sleep. You will not have enough sleep. You sleep late at night and wakes up early. If you are really determined, you will wake up even though you want to sleep more. What will you do when you wake up early; prepare your day with a bright insight of the future.

Sacrificing Meals. There are times when you have no time to eat but you really want to finish the activity of that day, you do not have enough time to buy a food for yourself.

No time of for hang-outs. As you do not have a time to eat, how will you have a time to hang out with anybody? You only care of what you can do for your vision. It is true that people need relaxation but you keep thinking that that DAY will come soon.

Stingy and frugal. The reason why you should be like this is that you cannot reach your goal if you only use your money to whatever you want.

Patience and Endurance. With patience and endurance to endure hardships, you can still run towards your goal. If you give up due to your hardship, nothing will happen.