Learn the Business Culture in Japan

Planning to work in Japan? Let me share with you some basic business culture in Japan. A business card is an essential business tool in Japanese culture. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, so Japanese people are too. It is usual to present a business card in the first place when having a business meeting. Show your respect to Japanese through how you handle the business card. Upon receiving, do not ever put it in the pockets of your pants or anything below the waist.

Instead, if there is a table, then just put on top, or if you have a folder or a business holder, then put it their. Pockets in your jacket is fine but never below your waistline. It is disrespectful to them. The way you introduce yourself is through the business card so do not forget business card exchange at the very beginning of the meeting. Japanese people value one’s effort. So when attending a business meeting with them, be sure that you are ready.

Aside from being ready, make sure that you are not empty-handed. Japan people like gifts so present them gifts. It does not matter if it is small or big, just something valuable to them. In the course of meeting, should avoid to ask directly about decision making. You need to know that they do not like deciding on the spot. If you do, surely you will not get an answer. There could be a lot of differences, but most importantly, end the business meeting comfortably and successfully.