Career Development

Feeling boredom and unproductive in your career? How much do you value your career? Career development starts with understanding yourself because you are the only one who can know yourself better. Everything starts within you. What do you love to do? What is the thing in which you really think your passion will never cease?

Career development progresses through these four basic things – self-assessment, career decision making, career research and job search.

Self-assessment. Self assessing help you to find the job that is right for you. Nowadays, a lot of people just resign from their jobs even breaking the contract because they can no longer find fun in their job. Sometimes, they are not really interested in the job and no matching skills to the job. For self-assessment, first of all, you need to understand our career interests, abilities, learning styles, workplace values, personality, transferable skills and work preferences.

Career decision making. It is good and so helpful to have a moment of decision making in choosing your career. First and foremost, you need to set your goals. It is achievable if these goals are set in particular, timely and realistic. Also, should be supported, actionable and measurable.

Career research. In searching career, you need to know what you really need, is it current, local or relevant information. Must consider these things too – occupation, workplace (environment and location), industry and employer. How then do you get it? Is it through telephone, email, internet or personally?

Finally, job search. Be always ready when doing a job search. Think of the things that you should prepare. This may include your resume, cover letter and interview skills. Many applicants fail in the interview, some are even afraid to try though they have the skills and capability in the designated job.